About La Belle Vie


My story

Starting La Belle Vie has been a dream of me ever since I found my first beauty blog in 2009. Before, the terms primer, concealer or exfoliator had been completely unknown to me. For the first time I learned to properly do an eye-makeup, apply foundation suited to my skin tone and assemble an appropriate skin care routine. Alongside my growing love for beauty, I got to know various brands and products which still inspire me up to the present day. My friends and family are long time aware of my passion for cosmetics and everytime I get asked for recommendations I’m more than happy to oblige. I believe beauty is everywhere and in everyone of us. It comes in different shapes, forms and colors. Beauty is always unique and a product may look completely different on another person.

My mission

On this blog I want to tell my personal beauty story with you and share my passion for vibrant colors, innovative textures and inspirational brands. Let me take you on a journey, where I show you my favorite brands and products from the drugstore to the perfumery.

My promise

Here, on this blog you’ll discover new products every week and become inspired by brands from all around the world.  I’ll provide my honest opinion, own pictures and illustrations to guide you through my beauty world.