autumn look

Summer is officially over and autumn is here in full strength with all its beautifully colored leaves and sweater-friendly temperatures. I love this season for many reasons, but above all for the makeup. Last month I talked about my 5 favorite berry- and plum-colored lipsticks for the autumn season, now it’s time to talk about the rest of the products I like to wear them with. This is not necessarily a post about the current fall makeup trends but rather about autumn products which I’ve loved to wear over the last years in more or less the same combination. Eventually, I believe these colors never go out of season and always come back during fall in a similar way.

The cheeks

Manhattan Rouge Pink Gaudi 65M, Oktoberfest Limited Edition
Manhattan Rouge Pink Gaudi 65M, Oktoberfest Limited Edition

Nothing is better during autumn than having naturally flushed cheeks as if we just took a long walk through the nearby forest. Well, sometimes we don’t have the time to do that and that’s when we have to fake the natural, healthy look with a little bit of help from our blushers! For those moments I like to apply my old baked blusher from Manhattan in the color “Gaudi”, which came out a few years ago in a limited Oktoberfest edition. The blush has a very smooth and fine texture without any fallout. The color is a cold pink which is highly pigmented but appears naturally when applied with a careful hand. This particular blush has been an all time favorite from the drugstore and is still unrivaled!

Guerlain Cruel Gardenia
Guerlain Cruel Gardenia

When autumn approaches, the temperatures start to drop and people begin to use their radiators, my skin always gets dry and loses its healthy summer glow. Although this is a natural problem, I try to either postpone it as long as possible or at least hide it properly. That’s when my favorite highlighter from Guerlain comes into the game with its soft, rosé colored shine. Adding a little bit on my cheekbones and the inner corner of my eye gives me back the luminosity my skin is starting to miss.

The lips

MAC Lickable
MAC Lickable

For me, there is nothing better than a pretty bold berry lip during fall! As I’ve already reviewed this color I won’t waste many words on it here but I can only say how much I’ve missed it the last months. It is a very flattering color on both dark and light skin tones, no matter whether you are blond, brunette or black-haired.

The nails

Manhatten nailpolish
Manhattan nail polish

For my nails I like to stay in the same color range with another old favorite of mine, the Manhattan nail polish in the color “57U”. I must admit that the German drugstore-brand Manhattan has always had a special place in my beauty-loving heart, because of its great quality, considerably low prices and good product range. Particularly their nailpolishes are worth a try and it is no wonder I can call a couple of shades from their range my own. This color specifically is a lovely not too cold-toned, darker pink, which lasts a couple of days without chipping.

Together with some mascara, concealer and foundation, you can imagine me now wearing a berry-colored sweater while sipping on a hot cup of tea…




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