cheap budget beauty products
Although I tend to buy more on the high street, I still believe there are many low-cost products and brands which perform just as good for a fraction of the price. I collected my 10 favorite budget items that I prefer buying at the drugstore instead of the perfumery.

1. Mascara

Although I love my Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Waterproof for several reasons as it gives the right level of volume, length and lasting “oomph” to my lashes, I find the hefty price tag deterrent. I believe the drugstore mascaras, even the very cheap ones, perform the exact same way if not even better considering the price. Therefore buying my favorite mascara is a luxury to me and often enough I’m just as satisfied with my alternative the Volum’ Express The Falsies Waterproof Mascara from Maybelline.

2. Nail polish

From all the nailpolishes I own, there are only 2 I didn’t buy at the drugstore. The fashionable nail polish colors change so quickly with every new emerging trend that it is hard to keep up anyways. Besides, I discovered the drugstore versions offer the same quality as the premium ones, e.g. comparing Chanel with P2. Unless you are looking for a very specific color you can’t find anywhere else, the drugstore range will satisfy all desires and needs.

3. Setting powders

Setting powders are available at almost every makeup brand now and in the end they all just do the same: They set the makeup. Plus, they look more or less identical, since they are translucent. Why should I pay a lot for something that will be invisible anyways? Exactly! Maybe for those of us, who need to rely more on the oil control abilities of their powders, specialty products from higher price ranges may be more suitable but for the average, normal skin type user, a standard powder will suffice.

4. Lipgloss

I’m a lipstick person through and through, but sometimes, especially during summer, I like to apply some lipglosses as well. Guessing from my low usage rate, I never finish any of my lipglosses. Besides, in contrast to lipsticks, they tend to go bad faster, start to smell funnily or dissolve themselves. With such a short lifespan, I like to stick to cheap products, which I buy for the color only.

5. Blushes

I like wearing blushes but they are not my most precious belongings. Often enough, I figured that blushes don’t last on my cheeks so long anyways, whether they were cheap or expensive. Therefore, I don’t see a reason to pay a lot for them either. I’d always recommend buying blushes cheaply as the color range in the drugstore is vast and the quality is similar to high street products (excluding exceptions).

6. Hand cream

Hand creams are products, I buy because they smell nice, perform ok and cost me hardly anything. I throw them in my handbag, put them on my night stand and I won’t cry once I finish or lose them. I believe, the drugstore and pharmacies offer great products with good ingredients (Avène, Weleda or Neutrogena) that don’t cost you the world.

7. Face cream

Everything I use to treat my face with, I like to buy in the pharmacy as the products offer expertise and active ingredients suited to whatever skin you may have. Although I like to switch up my routine, I’d always come back to my favorite moisturizer from Avéne, which I can trust all the times. If anybody asks me what facial cream to get I direct them to the pharmacies, where they can find great products without perfumes or irritating ingredients without a hefty price tag.

8. Sponges

Sponges are products I don’t want to include too long in my routine. Although I clean them consistently, they start to look dirty, collect bacteria or get damaged. I’m pretty happy with my inexpensive look-alike beauty blender and I wouldn’t change it. I repurchase this sponge regularly and based on my daily usage routine, I get a lot wear for the little money I pay for it. In general, I believe sponges are more or less the same wherever you shop them, so why should you pay more for the same thing?

9. Blush brushes

As I said before, I don’t care so much for blushes and the same applies for the tools I’m applying them with. Although it is a constant step in my makeup routine, I don’t get overly excited about expensive brushes in that particular category. I’m happy with my old Zoeva one, which doesn’t loose hair, fits my purposes and comes with an affordable price tag. for me, a blush brush does not need to have many other characteristics than being soft, nicely shaped and easy to use. Save your money for brushes, where quality is more important e.g. for the eye or your foundation.

10. Body care

Body lotion, shower gel and deodorant are products I use frequently and unless I really love a certain item, I think the drugstore offers a pretty good range of inexpensive alternatives. As long as they keep me clean, moisturized and dry, they should meet my standards.



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