I like to pack light when I go travelling, whether I leave for a weekend trip or a longer vacation. Over the years, I found my personal favorites, which I can use for a variety of different looks.


When it comes to limiting myself, I like to use my Laura Mercier cosmetic bag as my benchmark: Only the products which fit into this small bag, I’ll eventually bring along. Mostly, that includes cutting everything down to my most basic products: Mascara, concealer, foundation, gel eyeliner, blush, 1-2 lipsticks and my tools. Fitting these items in the bag still leaves me with plenty of space and occasionally, when I when I want to be able to do more of an evening look, I’ll bring along my eyeshadow base and a small MAC quad with versatile colors. The whole principle of my travel bag is to bring as little as possible to create as many looks as I want.

The Base

When going on a trip, I leave my bigger Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage at home and rather take my smaller Laura Mercier Undercover Pot, which not only contains my beloved concealer but also a translucent setting powder. This product is one of the smartest things I ever bought and I always carry it with me regardless of whether I’m travelling or just going to the city.

If I want extra space in my travel bag, I also don’t bring my usual foundation containers but rather a little jar with a few portions of it. This time, however, I had more than enough space, so I could easily fit in my Lancôme Cushion Foundation.

The Eyes

I can go with pretty much nothing but mascara and eyeliner these days, so eyeshadows are only optional to me. Yet, if I want more than a simple cat-flick eyeliner look, I take my favorite quad from MAC containing Vanilla, Wedge, Smut and All that Glitters. This pallet I can use to create a variety of simple looks ranging from smoky eyes to a quickly defined eye makeup. After curling my lashes with my Shu Uemura eyelash curler and adding some mascara foom Lancôme, I’m prepared for whatever I’ve planned or not planned to do that day.

The Cheeks

Usually, I don’t take more than 2 blushes and/or bronzers. I have naturally flushed cheeks, therefore I can sometimes even pass off with wearing no extra color at all. If I do bring something along, I like to go for a versatile and natural shade, e.g. a peach color like the (very old) Maybelline blush in 301.

The Lips

Just like the rest of my face, I prefer multifunctional colors, which I can wear for almost every look. For this reason I normally go for a natural pink and a red-toned lip product, such as my Dior Addict in Diorkiss and the Lancôme Shine Lover in Brun de Coquette. Both lipsticks fit with my peach blush and go along a variety of different outfits choices.

Knowing my big makeup stash, I’m always amazed by how little I dare to travel with. Regardless, I both love having many choices and hardly any at all at the same time. Often, when cutting down on my products, I just collect my absolute favorites, through them in my makeup bag and surprisingly never get bored of the little choices I brought with me.



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