september favorites

This month I don’t have many favourites to point out as I have been sticking to a pretty boring routine. Yet, there are few products I liked a lot or was positively surprised by in September.

Eyeko Brow Gel

eyeko brow gel

This product could also go into a “New Arrivals: The September Edition” but I prefer it in my monthly favorites. I like my brows and they usually don’t need much work. Although I’m blond, my brows are darker and they are not too thin nor to thick. I’d say they are very average in their appearance and the shape is normally easy to maintain. Currently, I wonder if you can have a good or bad eyebrow, because my right one is definitely the better one. For some reason my left eyebrow hairs have been doing whatever they want lately and I needed to fix that quickly. I got this eyebrow gel from Eyeko, which also comes with a little bit of an ashy dark blonde color. At first I wasn’t too sure as I always used to stick to powder and clear gels, so I initially thought the color was too strong. But now I really like it and everything stays in place for the whole day. A quick and easy fix for crazy eyebrows!

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

embryolisse_september favorites

I mentioned this in my last month’s wishlist and I dared to order it now. It’s a simply cream with not much scent to it and although it first appears quite thick, it is quickly absorbed by my skin without any traces left behind. I have to test it for a little while longer but I like it so far.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil

the body shop overnight oil

Initially I bought this as a cheaper alternative to the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, but I liked it so much I already got my second bottle.  I now prefer adding this to my Embryolisse moisturizer before going to bed instead of wearing it on its own on slightly damped skin. It simply gets absorbed faster and doesn’t stay tacky or oily. I don’t use the oil over the summer as I find it too heavy for my skin but now, as the days are getting colder again, this is a nice treatment I like to give my thirsty skin.

Invisible Bobble Sheer

invisible bobbles

These hair elastics are currently everywhere in Germany. If I’d just watch girls on the streets for 5 minutes, I’d find every second one of them wearing one. At first, I was not too keen when I saw them in the drugstore as they reminded me of old telephone cables but I like how easily they blend into my hair and how they keep my ponytail in place. I can’t say they are completely traceless when I remove them but they are definitely better than usual hair elastics. Besides, I finally found the sheer ones, which are simply invisible. However, I can’t recommend swimming with them as they drag my wet hair down. Therefore, when I go swimming, it is the only time I wear two classic hair elastics to keep my hair up.



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