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If there is one thing I am mostly looking forward to in autumn, I’d definitely say berry- and plum-colored lipsticks! I wear these shades all year long but most frequently when the days get shorter and colder. Over the summer, I prefer light textures and bright colors, whilst these ones are more on the darker side. I’ve accumulated a few shades from a low to a high price that I adore.

Diorific Marilyn

Diorific Marylin

This lipstick comes with a story as I have bought it after one of my greatest achievements so far: finishing my Bachelor study. I love treating myself to something special and Dior is definitely a brand fitting to the occasion. Usually I’d go for something from the Dior Addict range but this time I was up for something bold and classic. What better way is there if not to try a truly iconic color from the Diorific range, the “Marilyn” lipstick? The lipstick’s color is more on the red side but pink-toned, close to a burgundy shade. The texture is creamy but with a matte finish and a “Nivea-Scent” to it. Some people may consider this lipstick old-fashioned but I like the vintage packaging, which simply makes it look even more luxurious. Needless to say, the Diorific lipsticks come with a hefty price tag and this one is by far the most expensive in my collection.

Revlon Lip Butter Macaroon (096)

revlon lip butter macaroon (096)The Revlon Lip Butter in the color Macaroon is a typical autumn shade, I’ve loved since I bought it. I like thise range a lot but I already own so many lipsticks I really don’t need to buy anymore new ones. Still if I can, I like to recommend the range as they are easy to use, come in various shades and have a lovely texture, especially for those ones just starting to get used to wearing lipsticks. The lip butter is very smooth on my lips, very similar to a balm and the color, well, that one is just marvelous! A very flattering raspberry pink, which, although it has glitter in it, doesn’t show on the lips. Furthermore, the price tag is very reasonable, compared to the brands Astor or L’Oréal. Unfortunately, Revlon products are hard to come by in Germany but if you are lucky and you go to the Netherlands or the UK, you’ll find tons of them.

MAC Lickable

mac lickableThis lovely MAC lipstick has one of the boldest colors I own. The beautiful blue-toned pink shade is a true statement on the lips and despite the cremesheen finish, it stays on quite long while leaving a slight stain. On the days I don’t feel so confident to wear it straight from the bullet, I simply dab a little bit with my fingers on my lips and I’m always still astonished by the color payoff. This lipstick is definitely back on my lips for the next months to come!

MAC Speak Louder

mac speak louderI chose “Speak Louder” as part of the Back2Mac program and it perfectly fits my taste when it comes to lipstick colors. Again, it comes in a cremesheen finish, which nicely stays in place and makes the lips very smooth, and has a lovely neutral-toned pink color to it. This lipstick is far less bold as “Lickable” and a lot less blue in its undertones but still a statement color to wear.

Manhattan Soft Mat Lipcream (54L)

manhatten soft lip cream 54LThis is a product I’m truly said about that it got discontinued. It is by far the cheapest of all lip products in this post and it has been a favorite of mine since 2009. I love the color, which is probably the truest berry-shade I picked for this post and the matte texture is simply brilliant and not drying at all. I know, these days there are many alternatives for matte lipsticks or creams but this will stay my favorite until the day I finish it, which I hope won’t be too soon. At first the lip cream is still shiny and creamy, so I don’t need to hurry to map out the shape. After 5 minutes though, it dries up to a very comfortable velvety finish, which stays for ever.




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