summer glow essentials

Autumn is approaching and winter is not far away either. It’s time to get out the warm sweaters, cozy boots and berry lipsticks…but it’s definitely not time yet to say goodbye to the beautiful summer tan we worked on over the last months!

This summer I was super happy with my skin. It was even, nicely tanned and in such a great condition that I often did not use anything but concealer. The color I got from running and swimming regularly in the summer months was the best benefit from working out other than getting a fit body. Although I prefer the colder seasons, there is one thing that bothers me every year: I get super pale. Well, I like pretty pale skin on others but with the amount of redness in my face, I don’t find it so suitable for me. Since I don’t like tanning studios, I need to use foundation with more coverage, which I did cut down on a lot the last months. So, that being said, I’m on a mission this year to keep my healthy summer glow a little bit longer. And these are my little helpers:

Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster Body

clarins gradual tanner

I started using this product already in spring when I wanted to match up my legs to the rest of my body. Initially, I started using it only for my legs but time by time I also added it to my facial moisturizer. What I particularly like about the product is the absence of any tanning-fragrances. Who doesn’t know the awful smells some products exude? Well, I don’t like that, particularly not if I wear it over the day and I feel like I can smell my own face constantly. The second reason, why I find this product extraordinary is its adaptability. I can add it to everything I like: a lotion, a thick or even a gel-like moisturizer. Lastly, the tan it leaves is very natural and by no means orange! For some people this product may not have the instant “hello-look-at-my-tan” effect they wish for but for those, who look for something subtle, this product is worth a try. Plus, it lasts quite long despite the small bottle.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

embryolisse lait creme

An appropriate moisturizer for winter is very important to me. Once it’s getting colder and people start using radiators my skin just dries up. Therefore, a thicker, more nurturing cream is perfect to keep my face moisturized over the next months. I hope this product will help me to keep dull looking skin away for a little while longer.


green tea kusmi

Something not so beauty related but very essential to maintain a great skin over autumn and winter, is drinking water or tea. Whenever, I had less than 1.5-2 Liters a day, I get the reward immediately: I’ll have a headache and by day 3 I’ll get a very dry nose. I’m used to drinking a lot but during autumn, since I’m not so much bothered by the heat, I tend to drink less. What better way to prevent me from getting into this vicious circle, is by making lots of delicious tea? It keeps me warm, hydrated and above all, it tastes great. My favorites: Chinese green teas or fresh peppermint tea.

Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder Highlight (01)

laura mercier highlighter

Again a product that is more beauty related. At some point the glow will diminish in my face, that’s the right time to go strong on highlighting! I don’t mean that I start with heavy contouring or excessive strobing. On the contrary, I keep a nice, natural glow on my cheekbones and temples instead. I’m not very consistent with applying highlighter but I tend to using it more often during winter to add a little bit of life to the skin. What you can’t have naturally, fake it properly!

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 1% BHA Lotion

paula's choice BHA Lotion Sometimes I can’t avoid getting dry skin during the colder days and that is the moment I rely on my exfoliators to get rid of it. Using products containing Salicylic Acid help the skin to renew itself, keep dry parts at bay and give back the natural luminosity I’m missing. Besides, exfoliators are essential for achieving an even look before using tanning products.

NARS Laguna

nars laguna bronzer

Actually, I don’t need too add bronzer to my routine since I already use it daily but for the sake of completeness, I’ll mention it here. Using bronzer is the easiest way to give me a sun-kissed look by just adding a little bit of powder on each part of the face where I’d usually tan first: A little bit on the cheeks, nose, temples and chin give me back the perfect summer glow.




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