Top 5 perfumesI’m not a heavy perfume user, but I like to try different fragrances depending on my current mood. Over time I’ve collected quite a big perfume stash but there are few fragrances I always come back to.

Marc Jacobs Daisy EdT

marc jacobs daisy

My very first expensive perfume, which I have been treasuring ever since. I don’t use it much anymore but it is still a typical day-to-day fragrance I’d go for. Marc Jacobs Daisy is a light, fresh and bloomy fragrance, which makes me feel very feminine and girly. Typically, those were the features of the majority of my fragrances until now and only recently, I started to explore more complex compositions.

Miss Dior EdP

Miss dior cherie

This perfume has been my absolute favorite for many years and I like to describe its smells as freshly made caramel popcorn. I was lucky to receive his bottle as a gift, because until then, I’d always go through the trouble of collecting every single sample I could could get my hands on, simply because I couldn’t afford to buy it. Generally, the whole Miss Dior range has been one of my all-time favorites and if I could, I would own every single piece out of the collection. My favorite though, Miss Dior is a sweet, romantic fragrance with fruity and flowery notes.

Elie Saab L’Eau Couture EdP

elie saab l'eau couture

Elie Saab L’eau Couture is another fragrance, which makes me channel my inner little princess. I like the combination of citrus notes meeting warm vanilla flavors, which are packaged in a lovely crystal bottle. This fragrance has been the newest addition to my collection and will probably come to use it regularly as a day-to-day perfume.

Giorgio Armani Sí Intense EdP

Si by georgio armani

I always consider this fragrance to be the more grown-up version of my Miss Dior. Sí Intense by Giorgio Armani has lovely berry notes to it, which are mixing with warmer, woody vanilla nuances. This is not a perfume I’d wear over the day but solely for evenings as I find it too dominant otherwise. Still, I like the composition a lot and it has become a serious rival to my other go-to fragrances for a good night out, my Armani Code. Both fragrances last forever, and I found them to be the best perfumes to feel attractive and feminine. Everything a women wants to be when going to a party!

Biotherm Eau de Paradise

biotherm_eau paradise

This body splash is different from my other favorites, not only in intensity but also, because I only like to wear it during the summer. It doesn’t last long but as the name says, always makes me feel like I’m on a paradise island in the middle of The Caribbean. Biotherm Eau de Paradise has a fruity composition of citrus and berry flavors, which I like to call “my personal holiday in a bottle”.



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