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We all have those days when our skin is really not up to the standard we want it to be. It is dry, inflamed or you can already feel a big pimple growing on your forehead. If have a few facial products I like to rely on when these moments arrive.

Dry skin

I generally have dry skin, although I have been treating it quite well the last years by drinking sufficiently, using appropriate moisturizers, occasionally also serums and consistently exfoliating. Still, from time to time my skin looks like the Gobi Desert, e.g. when I’m stressed and forget to drink or people start turning up their radiators everywhere. On those occasions, I like using the Origins Drink-up Intensive overnight mask, which feels kind of greasy so I don’t like wearing it during the day but really only putting it on just before sleeping. The next morning my skin is back to its old shape. As a student it also became a ritual to apply it after a good night of partying, since as we know, alcohol withdraws water from our body, which not only leads to hangovers but also dry skin. I don’t mind taking these extra 2 minutes before falling asleep as I know what good it does to my skin.

Inflamed & irritated skin

Next to having dry skin, I’m prone to redness and I easily get irritated. One product I can always rely on at those times is the Avène Antirougers Calm Soothing Mask, which I always use when my skin needs to be calmed down. I like the cooling effect and gel-like texture, which are simply perfect for a treatment after getting sunburned, trying a product with irritating ingredients or using too harsh exfoliators. Before I started using Konjac Sponges, I always used the mask after I treated myself to a peeling or exfoliator. As I figured out by now, these products were not gentle enough for my skin, because they left me with more redness in my skin than I had before. Even if you don’t have these issues, this mask is a good basic product to have in emergency cases (even for men). For instance, I once applied on my brother, who got irritated skin after shaving. Not only did it sooth the skin but also his post-shave burn was gone in an instant.


I neither have oily or acne-prone skin but once a month even I grow a little pimple somewhere on my face (funnily it’s always in a prominent place). On those occasions, I can always trust my little Origins Super Spot Remover or if not at hand, the Origins Clear Improvement charcoal mask. The Super Spot Remover even works before the pimple actually showed up on the surface. In that case, I use a cotton bud, squeeze out a little bit of the gel, dab it on the spot and leave it be. Reapply the product a few times over the day and the spot will be gone in an instant. I always throw the little Super Spot Remover bottle into my travel bag in case it’ll be needed, although this rarely ever happens with the skin I currently have. Be sure to only use it on small areas and not on the whole face as it drys out the area you apply it too.




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