New arrivals_august editionThe month of August is half over now and I’ve been collecting some new beauty products.Throughout the end of July and the beginning of August, I’ve constantly been on the move. Living out of a suitcase is not ideally, especially as I’ve tried travelling with minimum luggage. I was surprised myself how little I took with me, in particular beauty-wise but at least the products I brought with me I used regularly. Who doesn’t regret bringing lots of makeup for a holiday but ends up using hardly anything? Well, I would usually be such a candidate. On the other hand, by travelling light I had the opportunity to discover and try some new products.

Clinique Pop “11 Wow Pop”

Clinique Pop in "Wow Pop"
Clinique Pop in “Wow Pop”

The internet is all over these Clinique lipsticks and I can definitely say they are worth it. The price tag is not too high, it has a nice packaging, the color is intense, easy to wear and lasts for ever. I must  admit the colour “Wow Pop” suits me better with less of a tan, so it’ll probably become an autumn/winter favorite.  Still, I liked the concept a lot and I already tried the darker shade “Punch Pop”, which is now on my beauty wishlist. I particularly like the smooth texture and the stain it leaves over time. A great product range with lots of colours, so probably everybody will find a shade that suits them.

Lancôme Shine Lover “116 Brun de Coquette”

Lancôme Shine Lover in "160"
Lancôme Shine Lover in “160 Brun de Coquette”

Technically, I didn’t buy the Lancôme lipstick in August but already in July. However I have been using it only this month. As much as I love my Dior Addicts, I don’t really pay attention to other premium lipsticks. I own a couple of different lipsticks from Chanel, Estée Lauder and YSL, but nothing really convinced me enough to become loyal to the brand. While I was trying the new Cushion Foundation the Makeup artist applied the Lancôme Shine Lover Brun de Coquette and the shade is a very natural red tone on me. I liked the texture with its smooth almost balm-like consistency and the medium colour pay-off. As you see I couldn’t resist and this lipstick became a new rival to my almost finished MAC See Sheer, which is quite similar in colour.

NARS “Deep Throat”

NARS in "Deep Throat"
NARS in “Deep Throat”

Last weekend I visited Prague and although I was not particularly looking for something I could not help myself to visit the local Sephora. It’s too sad I often live in the countries where Sephora either ceased to exist or was never really established. That’s one of the reasons I love to go there and the second one is, because they have NARS! As I was already talking about my favorite bronzer Laguna, I wanted to have a look at their blushes and I found a shade I didn’t own yet. That is not particularly difficult as I am not such a big fan of blushes, yet over the years, I’ve accumulated a basic colour range. Anyways, the texture of NARS Deep Throat is smooth and the colour is super pigmented. Knowing my bronzer, I swirled through the pan and took far too much on my brush. In the end I only needed a tiny fraction to achieve a pretty pink/coral cheek. The blusher comes without glitter but with a nice golden sheen. Not as obvious as the Benefit Coralista or the NARS Orgasm. The product needs a little bit more testing but I’m already intrigued.

Ebelin sponge

Ebelin sponge
Ebelin sponge

I must say, I never tried the original Beauty Blender as the Ebelin sponge is a cheap alternative and already one of my favorites. It’s inexpensive, easily accessible (if you live in Germany) and over time it became my prefered way of applying foundation. I think, this one is my 4th purchase and there’ll probably be plenty more in the future.

Manufaktura Salt Peeling

Manufactura Salt Peeling
Manufaktura Salt Peeling

While waiting for the train in Prague, I found the Manufaktura Salt Peeling, which I mostly bought for the packaging and the reason it contains almond oil. With regard to peelings, I’m not not too loyal and switch around regularly. Sometimes I even make them myself with coconut oil, salt or sugar and these self-made ones are just as good as the industrial ones. However, after traveling for 6 hours in a hot train, I was happy to take a shower and I immediately tried this product. I didn’t have the chance to smell the fragrance beforehand but once I opened the lid I really felt like I was in a Spa. It smells heavenly fresh (mint?) with a hint of citrus fruit. It’s exactly my taste and it leaves my skin soft and moisturized. A good last-minute souvenir!




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