pink favorites Kopie

Other girls can’t live without a classical red lip or a nude beige colour. I, on the other hand, can’t go a week without my pink lipsticks. I own other colours as well, but if I would need to choose a favorite colour, it’ll always be pink. Luckily the colour is very versatile and I’ve collected several different shades in various finishes. After all, pink is never just pink: It can have blue or yellow undertones, it can almost be neon or just my “lips-but-better”. Today I want to share my favorites with you, that I can’t simply live without.

Dior Addict “Diorkiss”

dior addict_diorkiss Kopie

Diorkiss was a spontaneous purchase a few years ago and I have never regretted buying it. As you probably figured out by now, I love the Dior Addict range and over the years they became my absolute favorite lipsticks. I won’t lie but these lipsticks are not cheap and I can’t afford to get a new one every now and then. So it became a habit of me to only buy them as a reward for myself for achieving something big, e.g. graduating from University. In that case I’d go visit my favorite Dior counter to try out a couple of different shades and decide on a new one to join my small collection. Other people buy expensive electronic gadgets while I  prefer lipsticks. You can see how my mind works now!

Coming back to the actual lipsticks after this small anecdote: The finish of the Dior Addict range is rather glossy, it does not last as long as other lipsticks that I own but I like the smooth, gel-like feeling combined with their medium coverage. Besides, the packaging is just too pretty and although I hardly do touch-ups during the day, I like throwing one of my Dior Addict lipsticks into my back to freshen up the colour without a mirror throughout the day. Among the different shades that I own, the colour “Diorkiss” has been my number one. I can wear the pretty pink with yellow undertones throughout the whole year with more or less every look. It’s simply my go-to colour for every occasion: Not too bold nor too low-key and very flattering with blonde hair.

Dior Addict “Show”

dior addict_show KopieOther to “Diorkiss”, I mostly wear “Show” during the winter. I prefer the blue-toned pink shade with my pale winter skin and my favorite blue winter coat. I have worn this colour non-stop during the last three years and it always gives me a pop of colour when everything around me feels grey and washed out. This shade comes with the same benefits as the rest of the Dior Addict range but the colour pay-off is among the strongest. Some colours of the lipstick range are a bit too sheer but this one is exactly the opposite: bold but still wearable.

Nina Ricci “01 Mat”

nina ricci Kopie

Another one of my winter favorites is this shade by Nina Ricci. I’m pretty sure this product is discontinued but I’m glad I found it by coincidence a few years ago. I was about to use another product in this place, the Manhattan Soft Mat Lipcream 54L (unfortunately also discontinued), which has a similar colour, but I figured I’d always grasp for the Nina Ricci one first. Therefore, the Nina Ricci lipstick made it into my Top Five. Despite the fact I don’t like strongly scented lipsticks (MAC’s vanilla scent is fine though), I’ve grown to love this colour with its distinctive fragrance. You can still taste the perfume on the lips, which some people consider a turn-off but I overlook this slight deficiency due to its beautiful colour. Other to most of my lipsticks, this one comes in a matte, almost velvety finish. The colour is again blue-toned and it lasts for ever. I like pairing the shade with my signature look, a 50s cat-flick eyeliner and makeup.

 MAC “Fanfare”mac_fanfare Kopie

Actually, MAC Fanfare, is not a real pink but rather a natural rosé. However, this particular lipstick has a special place in my heart as it was my very first product from a premium makeup brand. I can still remember when I first bought it, I got the colour matched at the first MAC counter I ever visited and I pondered over buying it for 2 weeks. Back then when I just started University, making such a purchase was a huge investment. Until then, I only went to drugstores or bought eyeshadow pallets from Zoeva online. Yet, once I finally convinced myself to buy the lipstick, I was head over heels and as you can see, Fanfare is almost gone. I’ll probably repurchase this shade as it still remains my perfect “lips-but-better” until the present day. The color comes in the finish “Cremesheen”, which, as the the name says, is creamy but slightly sheer so it does not completely cover my own lip colour. If you are looking for a good day-to-day colour, something for the office, or your first expensive lipstick, give this one a go. It is not one of MAC’s signature shades and among the fast variety of nude, browns and rosé shades it is often overlooked. Still, I can promise you this colour is worth a try.

MAC “Pink Pigeon”

mac_pink pigeon Kopie

The last shade of my Top 5 is “Pink Pigeon“, a colour that requires a little bit of courage. This matte lipstick is a bold, not neon but very eye-catching pink. I’d say it is slightly blue-toned but close to a neutral pink. I only just ordered it blindly online, something I hardly ever do, after two of my favorite bloggers from LiveLifeGeorgous continuously wore it on their blog. For those who can understand Dutch, you should definitely check out the blog and Youtube channel of Martine and Willemijn! Anyways, even I, who likes a statement lip, needs to be brave when wearing this colour. Still, it is a perfect summer colour, which looks very flattering with a glowy tan. Pair it with bronzer, a simply eyelook and don’t forget to add some pink blusher to your cheeks and you are good to go. The colour will last for a long time and even when it’s worn off, it’ll leave a soft pink stain to your lips. If you are too afraid to apply it right from the bullet, just use your fingers and dab a small amount on your lips. You’ll still get the colour but not in the same intensity.




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