blog_summer cocktail nailpolishes

I honestly have to say I’m probably the last person to show nail art or inspiring tutorials on my blog. When it comes to my nails, I like it simple and natural, which basically means wearing nothing at all. Still my current nail polish stash accounts for +25 different colours. This has only one reason, because during summer I can’t get enough of flashy colours!

Swimming pool

& other Stories "Vintage Denim"
& other Stories “Vintage Denim”

My first favorite is a simple jeans-blue polish from & other stories that I bought last year in Copenhagen. The colour perfectly fits with a natural tan, can be worn with almost every outfit and looks very sophisticated.

Strawberry colada


My second favorite from essie is a true Barbie pink, which I simply adore on my nails. The quality is long-lasting and brings out the inner girl in me. Although I don’t like wearing pink clothes too much, I can’t get enough of these shades when it comes to makeup. I have countless lipsticks in different shades of pink and I’m still counting…

Frozen mango margarita

Astor "Mikado"
Astor “Mikado”

My third favorite is an old corally shade from Astor. While I consider reds, excluding orange-toned reds, to be typical winter colours, coral-shades are my perfect match for the summer. If you don’t have time or money to go on a long vacation, put on some coral nail polish and visit the nearby swimming pool. It’ll be almost the same.



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